4:q:q Web 0.5

Welcome to the web 0.5

I've seen people daydreaming about the lost spirit of the web of 90's. This is something even better (or worse depending on how you look at it).

This is an experiment. Is it possible to build a community of people around a one simple block for regular browsers?

How do I join the network?

Just copy this page and then change contents but keep the css and make it your own. This is just basic html, nothing complex. Host it wherever you want. Send me a mail to alexandre@fimdomeio.com with a title and a link and I'll add it to the webring of known web 0.5 sites. I'll add any link unless I'm legally unable to do so. I reserve the right to add a comment if I morally object some content.

Rules for belonging are:

My Personal recomendation is to keep it simple. Not having to deal with most of technical bagage involved in creating a web page can be a very liberating experience.