Hello World.

A simple hello world HTML example.

Chromium Dinosaur Game

T-Rex runner is the game that appears in the Chromium browser when you go offline. Adapted for Slingcode so you can tweak the code and graphics to make your own version.

Preact todo-list demo

Preact is like React but small and fast. This todo-list demo is from the Preact site.

Mithril • TodoMVC

Todo app example from the Mithril website. Mithril is a small, fast client-side framework for building Single Page Applications.

Savings calculator.

Example savings calculator with graph that you can tweak to show your own calculations.

Widgets order form

Save form values to a table then download the table as a CSV file. Can be used as the basis for an order form, quote form, etc.

Leaflet map

Full screen Leaflet map example taken from their docs.

Banana dungeon game

Explore a Rogue-like dungeon generated using rot.js - find the banana and don't get captured by Pedro.

jQuery UI demo.

A web app built with the classic jQuery UI stack.

Party like it's '98

How to make your web app look like a Windows 95 program with 98.css

Text log.

Just prints text to the screen. This is useful for scripts that only output text results.

8-bit interface

Using nes.css to build a retro web page.