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Finally I got some time to write here... It's not obvious, but Mind Booster Networks is still moving, working hardly... We have a new BBS that is now the place where we should start posting, and you givving your feedback/(questions/support/whatever... Just post. We are feeling a lack of members: we all have our studies and personal projects, two of us left all side projects, but there'as a lot of work being done... I (Mind Booster) am working full time to finish SELVA III (the substitute of Selva II - our Portuguese talker), and giving a look (less than I should) on scalc... HellRaiser is working to the software section - that is growing widely: new version of scalc, NoIdle (in developement) and so on... And still he has to treat of his home Network... (New machines, lot's of work). Vampiric_Crow is full of University projects, and still he's working good on making a new WebPage (witch the beta is already real nice!) and we hope we'll see it online soon... Mb3gg is dedicated in his (lots of) side projects, although he will try to get some time and arrange the code of some programs he made and GPL them so we can put them on the Web Page... So, as we can see, we're not stopped, we're not dead. We're full of work and doing it, and we're needing more people... If you feel like you fit in, just drop us a line. Cheers, Mind Booster.


Hi there... We are fully supporting Jon Johansen case. For that we made a picture... Feel free to downloading it and doing whatever you want with her in a way to spread the word... You can view the image here.


Security issues are now solved, so expect us to give lots of updates in all sections and on this main page very soon! :) If you want to subscribe a project to us, want to be a member or put your banner here, mail us! BTW, I just noticed that this Network is rated by Progenic Security as 5 stars and in 5th place in the Top 100 Security and Ethical Hacking Websites! Keep voting and supporting us... thanks! :)

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