Technical Assistance

02 September 2021
  1. The user clicks yes. They might read what they clicked yes to.
  2. The user doesn't usually read prompts
  3. The user will not read error messages, even if they are to their benefit.
  4. The user doesn't know how to "google" problems
  5. The user will sometimes even ignore IT professional help even when they call us. This is usually a "bitch session" with no clear resolution.
  6. You will tell the user what to do, and they will also say yes. They still don't understand.
  7. Users will install software and not understand how to remove said software (control panel/remove software).
  8. Users are not curious. What would be obvious to simple reading they will ignore.
  9. Only when the computing environment is unbearable, will they call in. Or it will be the simpleton user who wants you to do their work for them.