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I love bb

07 de abril de 2020 — ~gil

It was sooo quick to post the previous (and this) blog post using bb, a simple ssh into tilde.pt + cd public_html/blog, bb post, write it up and it gets posted.

Slow web perhaps, but not in speed.

Knowing the tildeverse

07 de abril de 2020 — ~gil

I found this blog post explaining the tildeverse very nicely. Posting here to share: https://thedorkweb.substack.com/p/tales-from-the-dork-web-5

Setting up your tilde for the first time

04 de abril de 2020 — ~gil
  • Ssh into tilde.pt (as per the instructions
  • Change my password (Run passwd)
  • Upload my pub key into .ssh/authorized_keys so I don't need to type my password. I used copy paste, but you can use scp which is easier.
  • Add this line to .bashrc:

export TERM=xterm

So I can use backspace

  • Copy over my setup and link my .config so I can use my confy vim setup.
  • Change my config so it's a bit more minimal (culled over any autocomplete plugins, rust / python plugins, anything related to GUI apps, etc..)
  • Water my plants: botany (it's a "game" we run here)
  • Setup this blog

What I'm missing:

  • tmux

Check this space for part II, soon...