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I think's interface has gone wild at me... my mastodon account will be (at)marado(at) .

Hi! I'll be microblogging from from now on. What does that mean? If you want to follow me via mastodon you can, at @marado , if you want to follow me via twtxt you can keep following me via at . See you on the "other side"!

hi @prologic , did something happen to the AP sync from ? My "last toots" seen on mastodon seem quite outdated...

Exactly 10 years ago Kokori's first release on vinyl was out - and we celebrated with a release party in one of the afternoons of the Entremuralhas festival.
Ten years later, we're back attending the festival, and this time we see one of the stands selling our latest release, rootkit, on CD! ♡

I hate reading translations. Here's an example why: the same passage of the English and the Portuguese translation of the same (French) book. Not just the length of the passage shows one of the translations wasn't faithful, the behavior of the character in one version is the opposite than how he behaves on the other version... s/common protocols/open standards/

The only feature that leads me to use Gmail (and which I use extensively) is 'Snooze'. For a few days now, it has not been working properly. Lost about what will I use to replace my workflows, but it also seems that Gmail is about to get one less user.

@prologic So, you removed the working .github actions replacing it with non-working .gitea actions? You could have left the .github folder present at lest until .gitea is working correctly 😰

Of skies and bullets:

1995, when people still had legs on the Metaverse

I bet there is someone who wrote a paper, a book or something about the impact of the death of MySpace on music projects. I'm saying this more or less hoping that someone will one day point me to one, I'd love to read it. What I know is that lately I have been revisiting my record collection and confirming that there is an enormous amount of recording artists and projects that started with the MySpace phenomenon, and ended with MySpace's death.

O Presidente da República disse mesmo que termos este evento Católico a decorrer no nosso país laico é o maior acontecimento da democracia Portuguesa? Que vergonha.

my translation:

«The judge considered that, despite Renault Portugal having claimed the company and brand has no means to block the vehicles, it was proved that "there is a computer platform that was activated, in a way not disclosed, and through which was operated first the blocking and then the unblocking of the batteries”.»

@movq I don't really know. Here's a concerning quote:

«A juíza considerou que, apesar de a Renault Portugal ter garantido que a empresa e a marca não tinham meios para bloquear as viaturas, se fez prova de que “há uma plataforma informática que foi accionada, de forma que as requeridas não concretizaram, e através da qual foi operado primeiro o bloqueio e depois o desbloqueio das baterias”.»

Renault has a remote locking "feature" on the batteries of their electric cars. They used it in Portugal, and that was considered illegal.

Tesla's Dieselgate (and one more great example of how wrong laws protecting DRM are)

and if so, can we implement migration first?

@prologic you're planning to stop AP support before doing the bridge?

@prologic looking forward for an update to the mobile app! this is pretty cool! only thing it lacks is a view for just one of the feeds (at least yours)!

A closed, proprietary standard was accepted, adopted, and has been in use for decates. TETRA, for encrypted radio communications, has been in use for more than a quarter of century. Turns out, it has an intentional backdoor all along. A cautionary tale? Not really: the old algorithms are going to be phased out and replaced by new algorithms... that were created in secret as well.

This. 2025 is the "limit date" (some say by, others before) for emissions peak, in order to keep warming to 1.5C. What are we doing? Globally, it seems that we are not even trying to make it peak, whenever.

CNN's obituary for Twitter is making the rounds today.

@prologic Doctorow refers this new attestation stuff in his recent essay on auto.

@thecanine an "everything app" with an AI-powered asterisk...

I love them (specially those in phone booths!), but now I have one I might actually become a regular at :-)

My home town now has a street library! #Lamego

@prologic "websites" that only work on "trusted browsers", the vilest sort of proposal one can do, breaking the web.

"Web Environment Integrity" is Google's fancy name for closing the web in a DRM scheme. The internet found out, started questioning in github issues ans pull requests... and now the repository is worth reading with a popcorn bucket on your lap.

More on #CRA: Filezilla stopped distribution of downloads in Europe, as a protest. War+éz. why don't they want my money?

It has been a long time coming (ten years since book 11!), but 2023 saw the release of book 12 of "Piracy Is Liberation". With it, I also ordered CBA's vol. 58, entitled "Modern Glossalia or The Erosion Of Meaning", which focuses (or at lease includes) a reflection of the growth of the extreme right, and their uses of language.

@abucci where they now say they use it to train their AI models thry used to say "for language models", which isn't all that different (possibly extending the scope from text to images, audio and video?).

@abucci To be fair, it was already codified there. What is more interesting (to me) is how they're using a privacy policy (binding their users) in an attempt to get implicit licensing over materials out of the scope of those services, both from their users and others (or of authors unknown). Not that it matters much, I bet they'd argue such license is unneeded, but the fact that they decided to have that wording there makes me curious about the legal basis of such clause. Yes, I know Goggle had an extensive and capable legal team, but I'd still love seeing a legal analysis of the applicability of that under various jurisdictions.
Bom dia

@movq I've got good news for you, in Europe "software updates will also have to be made available for at least 5 years after retiring a product from the market".

Em 31 de Maio, a ampliação da Mina do Barroso obteve por parte da Agência Portuguesa do Ambiente, uma Declaração de Impacto Ambiental favorável, ainda que condicionada ao cumprimento de um conjunto de condições. As populações consideraram isto uma declaração de guerra e reagiram de imediato, prometendo a continuação e o endurecimento da luta. Oddly, I did not win 😇

Kokori "no ar" neste Portal do Tempo, e muito bem acompanhado:-)

Pedro Nuno Santos a dizer que em qualquer empresa do mundo se comunica de diversar formas, incluindo via whatsapp. A AP está mesmo a precisar daqueles formações chapa 5 sobre segurança e privacidade de dados. Não, não é normal (ou aceitável) o uso de whatsapp (ou qq outra ferramenta não formalmente escolhida para o efeito de comunicação interna) para coisas destas.

Sabe sempre bem ser ouvido: ontem passou uma faixa de Kokori na Unidade 304.

children of the rain
picture of a newborn mushroom

Rain victims

a picture of infant oranges fallen down

I wrote here a few days ago about kokori's "rootkit" (now also available on CD) but it all started on this day 13 years ago, with the release of our "init()" EP, seen in this picture:

kokori - init()

Já anda por aí, enquadrado no festival literário "Lamego, Cidade Poema". É o livro "Era Uma Vez - Lamego 2023", e tem o seu lançamento oficial no último momento do festival, domingo às 16h.

Participo nele com um texto de não-ficção para o leitor curioso geek: não haverão muitos, mas dá-me prazer saber que a história geek Lamecense vai estar nas prateleiras de uma qualquer biblioteca.

Lamego 2023

kokori's album "rootkit" is going to be released on CD next month.

This is the album I'm most proud of have having made.

Accepting pre-orders now!

kokori's rootkit CD

I know to which Debian's release party I'm going to, how about you?

It is not surprising, but still the end of an era: CDBaby will stop selling CDs.

@slashdot interesting reading for those who consider CJEU's stance on metadata retention inconvenient.

@mckinley went out to see a movie.

@rlafuente e antena?

@aiscarvalho Sortuda, a internet hoje só me deu portes grátis...

@willowashmaple That link seems broken :-(

O que se tira da novela do dia, óbvio mas que ninguém está a apontar: 1) não se usam equipamentos de dados para manter dados privados; 2) usar whatsapp para coisas profissionais, estatais e/ou governamentais é profundamente errado, deve ser criticado e não pode ser normalizado.

SteetComplete, Every Door and Wikimedia Commons: a trio of apps forming the perfect excuse to go out for an healthy walk.

@rlafuente Great game! but I lost

Update regarding this: EU Parliament wants to protect Free Software in AI regulation, and "this principle must be anchored in the ongoing Cyber Resilience Act and Product Liability Directive and their upcoming votes."

@melyanna Cool! too bad your home page announces your mastodon account, but not your twtxt feed.

On an unrelated note, this twt made me open a bug on yarn since apparently hashtags are broken in the ActivityPub integration.

#Greenwashing 101, from #PingoDoce: 1) create your own "ecodesign" stamp; 2) put your "ecodesign" stamp on your products even if they have an obvious use of plastic lids where no plastic would be necessary; 3) profit. a picture of two milk packets, that have an "ecodesign" mark, but also plastic lids

Hulduefni and Merankorii joint album "Synthetic Works" was released on this day, nine years ago.
a picture of the CD

@prx did you backtick and execute the code in an attempt to quote it? There seems to be a password where it's generating code should be!

@BBS this one is small and effective

Apparently India has started to ban encrypted chat apps like Briar or Matrix client Element.

@lyse cheating or not, now I'm actively resisting writing a "git timeline painter tool"!

O Governo está a preparar-se para começar a fazer asneira com DRM. Esperemos que o bom senso prevaleça.

@lyse There was someone doing an 'art thing' with their github contributions graphic a couple of years ago... but I can't recall who was it to point it out, sorry :-P

@prologic I like that the information is there to help those reading the feed - automatically (with a client) or manually.

@lyse from my POV, both approaches achieve the same, and I'd be happy to see one or the other on yarn generated feeds.

AFAIK, the only way is to use yarnc, but I do believe it is important that the web interface has an easy way for people to delete one of their twts, and just created a feature request.

"There is no ternary testing operation in Go", "the language's designers had seen the operation used too often to create impenetrably complex expressions".

um poema censurado para o dia do livro, em ante-véspera do 25 de abril:

@carsten here's the same prompt on, no retries:

Tomorrow is "Record Store Day", a date that I have been feeling as yearly losing its purpose, now focused on the US and UK markets, markets, with a focus on commercialism. Today I read FLUR's newsletter - a Portuguese record store that this year decided not to celebrate RSD, with an extraordinarily well articulated text on what is wrong with RSD (and the 'vinyl indistry') lately. A shame the text isn't published somewhere.

@prologic It works for me...

@prologic it is collected, we just don't know exactly what, how, where, what for or how long. A slightly tangential but good read about fitbit's data collection here.

@prologic yeah, or any fitbit... measuring the heartrate is easy and cheap, and depending on the accuracy level it can be as cheap as... well, PPG, and any phone with a camera and flashlight can do it. But only yesterday I connected the dots on my mind regarding the sort (and potential uses) of the data being collected as soon as someone tries out a new band or watch.

Did you know that "Heartbeat biometric identification is considered to be very accurate and at a similar level to fingerprints or retina recognition"? Food for thought.

The old kindle story of digital burning of Fahrenheit 451 had already shown the perils of using e-book platforms, but the recent IA lawsuit has highlighted a graver danger: with one click, in an instant and without anyone knowing, a vendor can (and does) "update" a book. It is not that new issues of Agatha Christie's books will be sold "moderized" it is that suddenly you cannot go to your library and find an old/original version. Chilling.

I am against the original idea of forking twtxt.txt into yarn.txt unless I see any technical reason or feature that would justify breaking compatibility - so far I don't see one. But I agree in principle with @darch that maybe we can add something on the metadata of the feeds enumerating the extensions we use or... I don't know, something that will allow any twtxt user to know how to deal with any 'yarnisms' in the content of our twts (even if the only one that comes to my mind as needing explanation is the thread hashes - how to interpret them).

Today, Ubuntu decided to change the default browser in one of my machines. Again :rolleyes:

@darch case in point, I used to twtxt images before using yarn or markdown tp do it - and markdown isn't making twts like this any less readible.

@prologic I'd actually not replace it with newlines but with a space or something like that, so there's nothing breaking (twtxt output parsers or whatever, expecting only one line per twt).

@prologic What I take out from this log is that buckets client is truncating twts when seeing one of those characters you use for newline: a PR fixing that should suffice. As for the rest, I see twtxt as meant to be a readable format, and I think yarn is not messing with that. Is someone doesn't like yarn's writing style (or anything else on any other feed) they can simply not follow them. I see no reason at all for yarn to change its underlying format away from twtxt.

@prologic the other still doesn't work for me, but this one does

@prologic I probably would not use an client/app that didn't deal with twtxt (text) feeds - both "follow" them and "publish" them. But I suppose that it is possible to have a bidirectional converter between that json format and twtxt.


@movq good example. Should the medical device manufacturer be liable? Yes. Should the library developer be liable? No.

@prologic I think these proposals come from lawmakers that ignore the existence or the importance of the Open Source ecosystem; and indeed this moving forward as is would be tragic for all free software development. eg., out of my free time I've contributed a few patches to several twtxt/yarn related projects. I do not want to by liable for them, however.

@rlafuente tás a enviar mixed signals, que é muita bom foi o que eu ouvi na net!

@prologic Perhaps Eclipse's article on the subject is clearer.. but the main focus on Python's text is on the liability clauses: while it might make sense that if you buy a product with software (or a software product) the vendor should be liable for its safety, security, etc., that does not translate well to the free software world, and it will have a chilling effect if, suddenly you (as a free software developer) start being liable for the flaws in that software. Python folks point out (and I agree) that "Assigning liability to every upstream developer would create less security, not more", Eclipse people point out that "Every open source license contains no liability clauses", and argue that "It is the companies which commercialize the technology and make a business from it who need to accept liability and provide warranties to their paying customers, not the open source projects".

I expect better. I always end disappointed. I am to blame.

Looking forward to hear someone adapt this into a song's lyrics!

For a good while I have been trying to recall the name of what was arguably the arcade game I played the most in my hometown, as a kid. Finally, I recalled: Cadillacs and Dinosaurs.
screenshot from the game

@slashdot Sometimes I read things like this and get an urge to write a SciFi story inspired by it. I never do.

@dfaria I'm more of a "Sol Invictus' Black Easter" kind of guy: a picture of Sol Invictus' album "Lex Talionis", which includes the song "Black Easter"

@prx I'm not sure I understand what you mean there, are you saying that :softwrap doesn't work on vim when the text is colored?

@prologic We really need to make the UX no this better. Perhaps alert the author that their images won't be shown and why?

A MEO com publicidade a dizer que tem internet de velocidade supersónica... eles não sabem o que "velocidade supersónica" quer dizer, pois não?

@prologic So picky! :-D but the Australian one after that is going to be online.

@prologic Don't be envious, the Australian Wikimedia also has an upcoming event!

A tiring yet very fruitful day at #WikiCon. And tomorrow there's more to come!

#WikiCon Portugal 2023 has started today, a 3 days free event, a gathering not only about Wikimedia, but free culture in general. I'll be there the next two days, come say hi!

(for reference, here's me whining on how the measure was already insufficient last year).

unfortunately, it isn't "just Germany" the whole EU seems OK with ignoring the urgency science proves the sittuation demands. And this was already an watered-down decision...


@prologic gotcha

@prologic I'm still going to do it, but I only actually read the log you quotes now, and FWIW, I supposedly am following that feed (on purpose):
screenshot showing I am following edsantos@ciberlandia

@slashdot FFS.

@jmjl for images, one of those messages is the alt, the other is the title. More info here.

@prologic I will!

My "one snippet" from today's IPCC report: "Climate change is a threat to human well-being and planetary health. There is a rapidly closing window of opportunity to secure a liveable and sustainable future for all. The choices and actions implemented in this decade will have impacts now and for thousands of years."

@ocdtrekkie I usually touch file;git log file|head;rm file.

@ocdtrekkie well, I mean... can a single-user experiment like that really be called "the metaverse"?

@prologic Are you sure that's the case here? The rss feed looks clean...

The way Samsung bundles terms of services and privacy policy updates/acceptance with their Android security updates should be studied. Vergonha ou não, não estás sozinho!

@slashdot #WhatsWrongWithCapitalism E muito mais havia para fazer, não fosse o número reduzido de funcionários, "manifestamente insuficiente para corresponder ao mandato legal de execução das tarefas necessárias à garantia dos direitos dos cidadãos”... #CNPD snif!

@eldersnake Unfortunately it is a plague. In Europe we have CDSM's Article 15.

This is an image with an alt text with new lines in it.'s web interface renders it "well", the mobile app does not. Which is the correct behavior? Is this how new lines on image's alts are supposed to be? If so, should the web interface be replacing the "new line characters" with actual new lines? Or, in fact, what is the correct way to add a new line in alt texta in html?

So many questions 😊 anyone care to comment?

This is a picture of some pin buttons.

I'm posting it just to try images where the alt text has new lines

@prologic I see. Well, as I said, I see value in such a bridge, but I don't think it replaces's AP integration. It could, however, be used as a backend in a pod would delegate the AP bridging, and all of that would be transparent to the user.

Also, how would you go about it? I mean, I can start using a txt on my client that is actually coming from a proxy service generating it from an AP account (like we already have on feeds), but how do I announce that your service should "follow back" my own feed so you can see replies and translate them into AP replies?

@prologic While I think this is a cool idea, I don't think it is a replacement for what you have been trying to achieve on

Mais uma vez, o Governo Português a favorecer a indústria às custas do ambiente:

@movq Here's to old school coffee! picture of my baloon coffee machine

@prologic I see: I was speaking in the end user's perspective tho, I suppose those concerns only really affect the pod owner? And, if that is the case, giving a pod owner the ability to toggle AP integration on/off us probably good enough to mitigate those concerns?

@prologic to be fair, I don't really see a difference here: with the integration, users still only see the feeds they choose to read (either as a twtxt or AP), right? Or this is more a problem of the integration making the network "grow too fast"?

@thecanine First I allowed myself to be excited, but then I went to read... and they're not talking about making Facebook talk ActivityPub, but about creating yet another social network 😞

@movq With 11 years now, she has been still doing covers...

False alarm (I juat had to properly refresh)

So, @prologic, should mute hide someone's posts even if we're looking at "Discover"? (I think so, but that's not happening)

On a recent interview, Neal Stephenson isn't confident on the future of the planned Snow Crash adaptation into a TV series, but, on the plus side, "there’s some work underway to adapt a book I co-wrote called The Rise and Fall of D.O.D.O. into a television series."

Hm, realized now that the screenshot isn't as good as I thought... this post (which was not a reply to anything) shows in the "Posts and replies" tab, but the "Posts" tab is empty.

@prologic Seems that new twtxt posts here are showing on mastodon as replies (see example):

Books I've read recently, wasn't counting on, and are no my usual 'style' include The Diary of a Nobody and Around the world in 80 days, which was followed by the also unplanned The Pursuit of Love that refers to those two others as favorites of the main character. Is this s coincidence, or am I stumbling upon something?


@prologic was in the plans, didn't do it yet because I didn't test on a recent build of the app (but I suppose it shouldn't make a difference). Will do.

@prologic I never got around to set up like that, I currently use web interface and goryon as clients, and have a simple cron doing a wget of the feed. I suppose I could still write something about why am I doing that...

I think goryon doesn't show twts coming from activitypub accounts or something...
same twt seen on the web an on goryon

@slashdot Apparently it is "former Debian project leader" and in fact Debian has nothing to do with this.

@prologic Less than ten days? Why? What does that solve?

@prologic Why does my twtxt feed have dozens of twts, but the web interface is only showing "Page 1/1 of 9 Twts"? Does it limit the number of twts shown by time (show only "most recent twts") instead of by feed size? If that is so, is that limit's existence a pod configuration?

@prologic Why does my twtxt feed have dozens of twts, but the web interface is only showing "Page 1/1 of 9 Twts"? Does it limit the number of twts shown by time (show only "most recent twts") instead of by feed size? If that is so, is that limit's existence a pod configuration?

@eldarqtq @prologic It might be also useful to also have a way to report a message or feed (for violations to code of conduct, privacy policy, etc.).

You weren't able to attend to #MiniDCPT ? Well, the video of my presentation on #ilovefs is now online.

Origami, ThanatoSchizO's last album, was released on this date, twelve years ago.
Origami Cover

It's tested - and alive! :-)

Portugal has 1.64% of its 2023 PIB allocated to the war industry, but NATO thinks it should be 2% minimum. On the other hand, in 2019 we had 16.2% of the population under the poverty lines. Priorities...

detail of MiniDebConf Portugal's t-shirt
#MiniDCPT - 3 days already gone, but 2 more still to come!

Today is "I ♡ Free Software" day, and the love also comes to twtxt! In particular today I want to thank @prologic for being the force behind and the nice community that has been growing around it! #ilovefs

MiniDebConf Portugal 2023: starting!

@slashdot here we go again...

New blog post: MiniDebConf Portugal 2023

@kaniyama_t @prologic is you're hosting a twtxt file on github, you can actually have it in any repository, no need for gh-pages. Example

@abucci weird, here it also says it is available on Android 11 and above. You should not need to install anything else...

@abucci Hm, or maybe you are behind on Android's experience? O:-) I see that emoji well on my Goryon/Android. Unicode 13 support was added on Android 11.

Saying "we are a secular state but we need to realize most of out population is christian" is no different as saying "we don't racially discriminate but need to take into account most of us are white", or "we provide sexual freedom, but must cater to our predominant hetero/cis citizens". In other words: it's wrong.

A palavra "entretenedor" não existe, mas isso torna o trabalho do tradutor mais complicado, por isso... não existe mas inventa-se, pode ser que ninguém note:

Eu ainda sou do tempo... um postal de livro para enviar à editora

This year I'll not be attending #FOSDEM. It starts tomorrow, and I'm missing it already :,(

I sometimes wonder how younger people think things were "before their time". Back in the day, the digital way to get manga/bd was in the now lost (it is, right?) art of fan novelization: I did read the first Dragonball manga books as texfiles, when I was young (years later they were published in Portugal, and I made the collection with drawings and everything).

@off_grid_living @prologic The Internet Archive are kings at that: see here.

@prologic It is never too late to become a spod!

@paulasimoes-toots I wasn't planning on doing this, but after this delightful blog post I felt like publishing something about my readings again... Here is my "top 8" books of 2022 - not books published in 2022, but that I've read last year:

@GopherChat If the idea is to have it accessible via telnet, why not run a talker?

@bender @prologic I've went further down - sometimes to seek something I've read and caught my attention at the time, othertimes to reference old threads in new ones. In this context, nothing is "too old".

@abucci @prologic I totally understand the frustration that comes with not being politically aligned with the two big parties - I feel it from experience, as my personal situation is not dissimilar. But the only thing stopping the smaller parties from growing is... support, votes. And sometimes, even a small party can make great things (proposing good bills that are actually approved by the other parties, for eg.).

@abucci Inbox 6!

@prologic It doesn't just because regulations don't exist, are poorly drafted, and often toothless. But the answer to that is stronger and better regulation, and I don't really see any alternative to it.

@slashdot so, the same conversation as with green cement: the science exists. yhe technology is there, but because it is more expensive, we'll keep using the polluting option. We really need stronger, faster, tougher regulation.

@thecanine thanks for that video on nothing music!

@prologic I don't think so. But it is a case of something... both parties here are saying "I don't trust you with my data which I think gives me a competitive advantage so I'm not going to open it up, but you should trust me when I say this opaque models trained with my secret data are so good you should use them".

@slashdot Seriously, I cannot believe that either side here is naive enough not to know what sort of war they are actually starting...

@prologic @nwu1dm well, a twtxt file only you can modify and nobody else is what twtxt is all about.

@prologic now it worked 🤷‍♂️

@prologic something seems to have gone wrong with's upload capabilities...

Happy to notice that this year's FOSDEM will have a devroom dedicated to the energy transition: finally there is a place to discuss around free software's important role in creating solutions to the climate crisis.

@GopherChat lovely!

On the enshitification of the internet (and how the Netheads were right all along).

Lembrete anual: em Portugal o limiar de pobreza são 554€/mês, e o valor da pensão social de velhice é de 213.91€/mês.

"European Cyber Resiliency Act: Potential Impact on the Eclipse Foundation" is a good reading and can be used to see the proposal's impact not just on Eclipse Foundation but, generically, on Free Software in Europe.

@prologic follow the link, it's explained there

I've signed this letter to stop new fossil fuel projects, and so can you.

@mckinley @prologic Sure am! (bookmarking to tey out later)

How to lose a sale: a screenshot of an attempted visit to Pelagic's website, when the browser points out the need to enable DRM

@prologic Well, they've been in the ad business at least since 2016.

@slashdot Sad this isn't being done EU-wide. And the fact that Apple doesn't say "our bad, sorry" and instead plans to appeal only proves that all their privacy-friendly claims are mere marketing.

Wondering if I'll meet any fellow twtxter in Lisbon's MiniDebConf!

Google wants RISC-V to be a “tier-1” Android architecture: Google's keynote at the RISC-V Summit promises official, polished support.

My top 10 (most listened) artists of 2022, according to a chart, with ten artists, Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio on the first position

@jcolag Happy #PublicDomainDay !

My turn now, Happy New Year, twtxters!

@rrraksamam 2021 was so bad for me that I made a list of 12 things for 2022 I needed to get my life back on track. I only managed five, but I did manage five, and 2022 ends better than it started. Looking forward to 2023.

@slashdot @prologic Donations and investment offers are different things...

@prologic You mean like a git log --pretty=twtxt that someone can get for every branch of every repo on your new git web interface?

@justamoment @prologic tbf, format-patch numbers your patches so that you can apply them with an one liner, no matter if they're 1 or 9999. As for identity leakage, do notice that only author patch info is present - a name (that can be a pseudonym) and an address field that can be empty. Other then that you only have the transport means, but you don't really need to use e-mail if that is your concern, you can for eg. set up an anonymous ftp... you just need to get the formatted patches, git not having its own transport is not a limitation but the freedom to let you get patches in any way you want! ;-)

@lyse To be fair, thischas been a go/don't-go to me for a while. I have wanted to read some Aldiss for a good while, but the first of his books I've read (Cryptozoic!), while an entertaining reading, didn't really convince me to the point of making me want to seek more of his books. But now, several years later, I was browsing a book called 501 Must Read Books and Hothouse was there... at the spur of the moment I checked on the local library's catalog and the book was there so I decided to grab it, then I've read it's wikipedia page and started second guessing the decision... and now that I've started reading it, I'm quite enjoying it. Who knows if my thoughts will change again before I finish it!

@lyse Hothouse, from Brian Aldiss

Leaving home without carrying the book you're reading? No problem*, just grab a copy of it on OpenLibrary!

  • sure, "if it is there", which many recent books aren't, but it worked for me just now ;-)

@prologic Seems cool! What in it are you not liking?

@prologic to be fair, I don't have a particular horse in that race, all seem interesting to me, what pulled me into tidal was the community, really. There is an advantage on using it as I did: I skipped all the instalation/configuration and just used estuary, which is a web interface for tidal (and other things). I didn't even have to launch my own instance, there's a free/public one you can just open your browser at and use: cool to give your first steps with no pressure.

@darch I'm still very new to it, but certainly interested in diving deeper!

So, it is done: Iearned #tidalcycles over the weekend, and used it to give a concert yesterday. If you want to see it, it has been published here.

@prologic I'd certainly be an user of that 2way bridge.

@movq A.

@movq @lyse @prologic As long as it doesn't end forgotten, there's really no rush! It's not like @lucidot is going to revert their decision with this change...

@prologic @lucidiot @movq So, apparently yarn is transforming hashtags into search urls, ob the feed. This makes things unreadable and seems totally unnecessary. Shouldn't this be a client feature? Why should my feed have a link to a search engine instead of a hashtag? And why can't the client (when it is a visual client like goryon or the web) react to hashtags (all of them) by linking to a search interface? Am I missing something?

@prologic @lucidiot @movq unlike the comment on the twtxt feed, this blog post is really extensive, interesting and provides insightful and useful comments. I'm not sure I can agree to all of it, but I certainly can understand the point of view. Curiously, what appears to have been the tipping point is also something I believe we can and should fix: hashtags. 1/2

I n this month's Cloak & Dagger Challenge, I've just become an "Amateur Investigator"!

@prologic @eaplmx To be fair, the only thing I can think of that makes Yarn feeds not be "standard twtxt" is the disregard for twt size (which many others also do with their non-yarn clients). But sure, I can see how reading these feeds might be frustrating: too big posts, markdown everywhere, linebreak characters, emojis... But I'll consider it the "freedom of the user" to decide whether or not to follow a feed written in a certain style. The provocative metadata comment? Easy (and better) to just ignore.

@mckinley Well, sort of? I've been using them (copying or adapting and extending from what I saw others do) since before was a thing. Yarn doesn't (and shouldn't) have the monopoly of "using twtxt comments how we like".

@prologic Well, the devil is in the details: what did he meant by that? Maybe nothing good...

Twitter has a new "social platforms" policy... is it maddening? Hilarious? Ridiculous? All of the above? I laughed, but to be clear, I don't think 'funny' is a good way to describe it.

Nothing like a deadline to force you to do something... this year I'll be celebrating the Winter Solstice by playing at Tidal Club's Night Stream (under the Merankorii moniker).

Now I just need to learn TidalCycles! 😇

Today is #DayAgainstDRM! Since this year's topic is #FreedomtoShare, I'll celebrate it by starting to read a book from the local library!
A picture of a library book
And you, what are your plans for Day Against DRM?

Cerca de 40 ativistas climáticos concentrados junto à Faculdade de Letras da Universidade de Lisboa, "pretendem passar a noite à porta da Faculdade de Letras da Universidade de Lisboa em solidariedade pelas colegas detidas que serão julgadas esta sexta-feira por desobediência civil."

@prologic they actually have a nice write-up about the "why's". And you know what? Now I'm sort of wishing I had one...

2022 is about to end, and there are still official services that send SMS texts to people telling them to follow links to . Educating people against phishing gets hard, when services' customers are educated like this...

@slashdot How interesting... my grandfather from my mother's side insisted on counting his years on the Korean age system: he started with 1 instead of 0, and every 1st of January... but that was really his birthday: he was born on new years eve at midnight. I doubt that he knew South Koreans did this, tho.

@abucci @prologic tbh, there's no reason why this is a feeds thing and not a twtxt client (including yarn pods) setting. It would be useful to be able to filter out, for eg., "I don't want anything 'soccer' from anyone, nor 'musk' from @arstechnica and @abucci".

WhatsApp lost an attempt to annul a binding decision regarding a GDPR violation, which is good news. But the fact that, in reaction to it, an WA spokesperson says that this makes no sense because "this case concerns a privacy policy from four years ago that has since been updated" only shows the sense of impunity big tech feels, as well as how ridiculous it is that they are able to drag these things for so long. In the meantime, they keep violating the law (just yesterday Meta lost three other GDPR-related cases!), and with no end in sight - even today's WA case is far from over, with appeals ongoing and more chances for appeal available. A sour-tasting victory, today's.

Hurricane, Red Hat 5.0, was released 25 years ago (december 1st, 1997). It came out as a 2CD installation, even if it was quite common to find one-CD editions of it being shipped with magazines and used all around. You'd need to have at least 8Mb of RAM in order to indulge in this release, which marked a milestone for many of us.

@xuu @eaplmx That would be 28800, before the 33600 bps modems.

My "Spotify Wrap" of 2022 is that I didn't use Spotify during the year. 🥳✌️

@prologic I suppose that should be noted both on the spec and client implementations. At least your client doesn't deal very well with it...

@slashdot Finally, an alternative to Samsung on five-year security updates. Hoping others will follow.

@marcos-marado-atmind_booster What's going on with Nitter? Musk's twitter changes breaking it?

Faz hoje 15 anos que se tentou trazer a ideia de "three strikes and you're out" para o combate à pirataria em Portugal.

@eaplmx @prologic Only 30C more than here, no biggie!

@abucci Definitely going into my bag of tools!

@slashdot @eaplmx Still to reply to the "what can be done?" question, here's one thing: each of us can sign this open letter

@paulasimoes signed!

@eaplmx @mckinley To be fair, tapes have a better longevity than CDs, and nothing compared to vinyl. But I do agree with what you said (and also have a mild collector addiction to music in all those formats).

@mckinley @eaplmx There's zero evidence that DRM hinders piracy, plenty of evidence that it harms both consumers and artists. There's plenty of good stuff written about it, Doctorow is a personal favorite author of mine. Here's one sort of random text of his about DRM.

@slashdot @eaplmx we're getting more limited in what we can do on a consumer level (boycotting is not always an option, for eg. all cars in the EU must have software, and no options exist in the market where it is free software), but beyond voting with the wallet, we can also vote in politics and policies, as much more can be done in a regulatory level. in Europe it is possible to protect users a bit from DRM, and we now want the right to install whatever we want on our devices, just to give a couple of examples.

@slashdot Cars being more often an IoT hell was so easily accepted, that now they're more and more becoming a DRM hell. Consumers should stop accepting the idea that they are not the owners of what they buy.

I decided to publish (and maintain) a very brief timeline of the climate crisis, mostly for my own sake.

@eaplmx Welcome to the world of enneaphobia!

@prologic yup, I have nothing but ❤️ for all the work you have been doing around it!👍

@prologic Well, basically I refer to a "radical decentralization", with twtxt you don't need to host a pod or maintain any software, nor rely on any 3rd parties, you can simply manage a text file, and make it available however works best for you. It provides a quite refreshing sort of independence I mostly miss from the internet of decades ago. Mastodon is nice, but it doesn't give you /that/.

@eaplmx Tough, I like it! a screenshot of the game's stats: lost with only 7 lines made

No ano passado falava-se em termos o comboio a chegar a todas as cidades com mais e 20 mil habitantes, mas ontem o documento aprovado para ir para consulta pública fala só em 28 centros urbanos, num projecto "sem fixação de prazo, mas com um horizonte indicativo de 2050". Para que conste, em 2021 havia 120 municípios com mais de 20 mil habitantes.

@prologic it works, but Collabora Office works better (or did?). Both have integration with nextcloud which makes hosting it way easier.

@prologic Well, I just went to confirm, and people are referring to their presence on mastodon with the initial @, so... yes, better support both formats!

@prologic I don't know enough about mastodon to be sure

@prologic oh, I see ejat I did wrong, extra @

O sumário mais lúcido que já li até hoje sobre a posição do PCP quanto à guerra na Ucrânia.

Who could have seen this coming... According to The Spiegel:

"After election mishaps and massive organizational problems in the elections in Berlin on September 26, 2021, the Berlin Constitutional Court declared the elections to the House of Representatives and the district assemblies to be invalid. They have to be repeated in their entirety."

@prologic plannning a new feature for ?

Ouvi as entrevistas de Paulo Raimundo à RTP e à CNN. Gostei do que ouvi (dele). Sei que as entrevistas foram curtas e necessariamente não-exaustivas, mas entristece-me não ter ouvido nenhuma referência à crise climática.

Estou sempre a mandar vir com quem gosta de anunciar a vindoura morte das coisas, em especial cassetes... Mas só agora dou o devido valor ao artigo onde a Exame Informática anunciava a morte da cassete... em 1997, há um quarto de século! foto de artigo numa revista de 97, entitulado "O fim da cassete?"

@prologic no thoughts, just curious! I first assumed it wasn't possible, but your comment made me think it might be. And now that you aren't sure, I'm starting to worry 😅

@prologic @eaplmx I'm not sure what are you looking for exactly, but framadate is (to me) quite more powerful than doodle, and free software... a rewrite was being worked on, but lacking contributors... you might see that as either a good or a bad thing!

@eaplmx @darch @prologic careful, think too long about this and you'll end writing a protocol for the equivalent of twitter's polls... 😇

@rsdoiel @prologic Maybe a bit offtopic, but:

If I pull's feed, change its URL and sync the changed file back into, will the feed in the pod retain the new URL? Even if then I keep editing the feed by posting into it using the pod?

Desde o dia 7 de novembro que 6 escolas em Lisboa se encontram ocupadas por estudantes que exigem o fim ao fóssil. A ocupação deverá acabar amanhã, porque "Dia 12 de novembro, dia mundial pela Justiça Climática, irão todas à manifestação «Unir Contra o Fracasso Climático», marcada para as 14h da tarde no Campo Pequeno, em Lisboa."

@dfaria True! I suppose I'd like the 'search' section on to work like (or even post to there, I wouldn't mind if pressing the search button would take me to ...)

@prologic, are there any plans to add the ability of full text search on yarn pods? Is this something I should open an issue/feature request for?

@eaplmx "twt=tweet, and twtxt=tweetext" seems great, I'll adopt those! Maybe there should be a glossary (including this 'preference') somewhere on ...

Para atingir a meta de não ultrapassar os 1.5ºC até 2030, preciamos de reduzir para metade as nossas emissões de CO2 até ao final da década. Mas, em vez de prestar atenção para isso, Costa foca-se no objectivo de 2050 (quiçá porque está mais longe), e aparenta estar mesmo interessado em resolver o problema da crise climática, ao ponto de sugerir antecipar os objectivos para lá, de 2050 para 2045. E, enquanto chama a atenção para essa "atitude positiva", espera que ninguén note que Portugal está em falta - no pesente - no cumprimento dos seus compromissos tomados para a acção climática.

@abucci @prologic (Possibly offtopic, but) I actually have been feeling the pain of saying (verbally, out loud) both twt and twtxt. How do you do it?

Frase do dia:
《Não podemos descarbonizar as cidades, à custa da contaminação das aldeias》

@mckinley @lyse The link rel bit is because the feed can have relative urls. ie, if it is on, in can have somewhere in there a for eg.. If I download that feed I to my hard-drive and then try to render it, I need to know that "icon.jpg" is relative to, ie, that I will find it at (and not locally, next to the feed file I downloaded).

I hope my explanation makes sense...

«Sabemos que fazemos parte de uma massa crítica global que hoje constitui uma fenda de esperança perante o desastre da sociedade capitalista. A mudança de rumo pode começar a partir da alimentação, do sector primário e do mundo rural.»

Por um sistema alimentar baseado na agroecologia e na soberania alimentar

@prologic tbf, microblogs as comment systems might just be a wrong idea. I was led towards it by the current twitter implementation on bashblog (which I use), but the more I think about it the more I suspect that it just is the wrong tool for the job.

@prologic I was thinking more on something along the lines of the current twitter "integration", but now that I think more about it, I realize that darch's suggestion has more merit than what I initially realized. The blog comments system can be a twtxt feed, each entry a new twt/hash, each user comment referring to that hash.

@prologic You said it would work nicely, but I'd love to hear more about how you (and others) see this being done...

Thinking about reviving (#xi7nivq) - the idea of managing bashblog comments with twtxt instead of leading people to Twitter.

One of the things that attracts me about the "twtxt social network" is how radically decentralized it is. Not only each user is its own node (maintaining its own text file feed), there's no limits to the protocols used to access each feed. Sure, most of the feeds are probably being served over http or https, but there are feeds being served over gopher, and I bet some of them over ftp/ftps. But it doesn't have to be that way - feeds can be distributed in any modern equivalent to the sneakernet, you can save yours in a usb stick or a floppy disk, hand it over by hand or send it via postal mail; you can distributed them on a mailing list, on the usernet... The limit is your imagination.
This reflection made me realize that there's no reason to wait for secushare, twtxt feeds can already be used, shared, maintained and spread on GNUnet, taking this social media platform to the GNU Internet.

There are many interesting things to observe in this recent Twitter exodus (and the boost it is giving to Mastodon's adoption). One of them is that I haven't read even once yet about someone who's "leaving Twitter for Facebook" or something like that: officially, Facebook is no longer a "social media alternative" to Twitter users.

@movq @eaplmx there's an online service for that,

@eaplmx Yes, the regardless part is what scares me... In Portugal the major parties want it for general elections, despite what I said above applying to us. There have been talks about a constitutional revision to allow it, but they're purposefully ignoring that no amount of national legislation is going to make it GDPR-compliant...

@eaplmx To add to those challenges, there is yet another legal requirement in many electroral systems: it needs to be understandable and scrutinizeable by "random people". There is an understanding that, in the EU, this requirement exists independently on any specific requirement for it, due to nr. 1 of art. 5 of the GDPR (the "transparent manner" bit).

@eaplmx @movq ask me again in an year 🙊

Sometimes I get terrified for some moments with the naïvity of the greedy. As an example, when people advocate AI-generated stuff can/should be copyrightable, under the expectation that they'll be making some money from that, without realizing about the impact of the repercussions of what they propose, also to themselves...

@prologic @movq I lived the first ten years of my life in an apartment, the upstairs neighbors had a piano, the only music played there, at least once a day every day, was Für Elise. She didn't master the song before I moved, but I think of this every time I hear the song.

SIMON KOFE: “EMBORA EXISTAM VÁRIOS FUNDOS CLIMÁTICOS, TEMOS MUITA DIFICULDADE EM ACEDER-LHES”, uma entrevista ao Governo de um país cuja terra está a desaparecer.

@eaplmx Well, wow! Only now I am learning about Microsoft Game Shop... But I was a Nibbles player!

Worms 2 was released a quarter of century ago. A game I've played countless hours, many of them with a Moonspell CD on the drive, which would make the game play songs from it (specially "Opium").

Portuguese Prime Minister: In September, he wants a new airport, in October he wants a new gas pipeline, in November he'll go to #COP27 to claim Portugal is in the frontline in the decarbonization process. :shrug:

@prologic @movq I created an issue so we can have this conversation outside of twtxt.

@prologic @movq :

Thanks!, reading that was useful.

It seems to me that the choice of 'relative' was meant to consider users' use cases (multi-protocol, moving the feeds from one place to another, etc.), without any added convenience to the clients, specifically. Thus, I'd argue that there is nothing against extending the spec to also allow full paths: current users are unnafected, and we'd be catering for new/other use cases.

Yes, I do realize that would mean this would have to go into a new version of the spec, and clients would have to implement it in order to comply with the new version of the spec.

@prologic @movq I'll need to re isit the old thread to be sure if there isn't more to it than that, but if multiprotocol is the only reason, then we can allow "relative or full", so both scenarios are catered for, right?

@prologic oh, yes, they'll remain the same (tilde's being a backup).

@hacker-news Uh-oh. Will we finally start focusing on RISC-V?

@lyse @tkanos An interesting setting for an alternative reality fiction novel!

Oops, this was the picture I wanted to send ;-)

At least we can try and try again! ;-)

Mappy screenshot

Mappy is a game from 1983, but it was 30 years ago that I've seen it for the first time, in a neighbor's NES.

Three decades later, but at least now I get to play it for as long as I want 😇

As in standards, it would actually be healthy for the twtxt network if it became heterogeneous, with pods running competing implementations (yarn and something else) of the protocol. Perhaps we're not there yet, but I suppose we should design taking that into account...

@prologic assuming the pod is running a recent version of yarn, unmodified. But we can assume that...

@prologic well, this is embarrassing, I manage to reach the result on the web interface, but not to find an URL that will point to them...

@movq @prologic Redirects will work for on feed removals, if the poderator is interested in providing them - it depends on its benevolence and good will. In any case, removals must be implemented somehow (at least in pods operating under EU law), so there's no downside in implementing it with a redirect option.

Regarding # prev, maybe it is best to recover the old thread (which I think was (#opev6mq)).

@abucci @prologic we had a conversation about this a few months ago... While the redirect option is nice to have, I still feel it might not be enough, specially since it depends on the support of the poderator. Having the possibility to point a new feed to a specific old one would help (ie, prev allowing full URIs instead of relative paths, and pods letting users define their feeds prev).

Sorry I'm pulling this topic into an already complex thread ;-), specially when I was supposed to write a proposal for this change, and never did (yet?)...

Hey @prologic , yarn's deployment documentation refers to cloudflare, but it isn't really a requirement, is it? If not, should we enhance this doc to have 'without cloudflare' steps?

@prologic not a priority for me right now, but that's useful, thanks for the tip!

@prologic I'm listening... what does that provide beyond what I can get with a cron'd wget?

For those that might be a little bit lost regarding my twtxt presence:

  • I host my own twtxt feed here so I can remain independent of 3rd party providers, and "owner of my own feed". However;
  • Currently my feed is being generated and managed at, which allows me, amongst other things, to use goryon, a nice mobile app, to manage my feed (even if's web interface works pretty well on mobile);
  • On a geeky sidenote, I haven't still set aside the idea of running my own single-user yarn pod instead of relying on, but I didn't want to postpone this movement any longer, now that there's a new twitter exodus;
  • For historic purposes, you can still find my old twtxts on the old feed, now rotated into a new address;
  • Finally, there's still a twtxt feed of my tweets.

Hi @prologic, question regarding responsible use of's services. How much is "too intensive" an use of its endpoints? For eg, an "every minute" fetch of a twt feed is considered OK? (I honestly have no idea about the default frequency of communication between pods and all that...)

@prologic yes, both point to the same "no credible pathway in place", which is to say that... finally approving a watered-down measure is not something we should applaud, as, in order to still manage 1.5C, we need more, stronger measures.

@slashdot Too bad the article doesn't remind us that the original target date (when we still didn't know how bad things really are) was 2030... But sure, let's pretend the EU is doing something brave, just a couple of days after being warned they're far from planning to do enough (#mlqubkq)...

@prologic tbh, as a maintainer participation only makes sense if your projects are already hosted either in github or gitlab - or if you are starting a new project. In any case, there is still plenty of time to participate!


@prologic interesting. I don't really know anything about accessibility needs, but what does the screen zoom on Mac OS do that others, Ubuntu's for instance, does not?

@movq @lyse great joke, I hate how good it is :-(

@slashdot The whole idea that FRAND is good enough for standard essential patents, instead of the patent-free nature of open standards, is an invitation to this sort of mess. When we accept something as vague as FRAND, /of course/ there is going to be dispute. No matter who wins, the common citizen always loses.

@darch @prologic Still not showing on Google/Android

@slashdot Full context here. Just another step in the long and slow process of documenting the obvious... I wonder how much more damage will we have to take until conclusions - and corrective actions - exist.

@retrocrash s/agree/aged/ ...

@retrocrash I plan to return to it soon(ish), have some ideas I want to use libgnunetchat on: I sort of wrote "about it" in 2006, but the text probably didn't agree too well (here). In any case, I'm quite excited with how Messenger (with a flatpack and everything!) is progressing... I'm certainly planning to become a user of that, at the very least.

@movq I have thought of different approaches, each have strengths and weaknesses. Mostly, I'd like to know what others think :-) In any case, I suppose I'd like to "extend" the hashtag generation API, so each blog post can have its own thread hash tag (like twts do). Then, "listing" the comments could be via querying a registry, and the "leave a comment" link could link to https://preconfigured-yarn.pod/?newtwt=@blogowner%20(#hashtag) or whatever link that would open that pod ready to create that new post if you're logged in. Bonus points if you can configure more than one pod and it displays a dropdown; more bonus if we decide to implement twt:// uris letting twt clients listen to those (including a browser plug-in letting you say 'open twt:// uris on https://my.pod').

Yes, I might be overengineering.

Estou de regresso à escrita, e à Ficção Científica.

Desta vez, participo com um pequeno conto para o livro "Lamego 2022 - o antes e o depois", uma colectânia de textos nos mais variados formatos e estilos, que olha para a cidade onde nasci - não só como ela é hoje, mas na sua História passada e história futura.

O lançamento deste livro vai ser já no próximo dia 5 de Junho, enquadrado no festival "Lamego Cidade Poema".

I'm not the only twtxt'er that has an bashblog blog... How cool would it be to be able to integrate twtxt comments in it, in replacement to the current twitter comments implementations? With the way threads work in yarn instances, twtxt could even provide way more than just a replacement to twitter...

@slashdot 15 years? Posts like these are what makes me feel old.

@slashdot OMG, I just want to stab my eyes now. When did the /. crowd become so dumb?

@prologic Who knew 2022 was able to bring good news too...

@prologic it's accurate!

@prologic No pressure!

@prologic That's what it looks like.

how it looks like on Goryon (and also my first twted image!)

I've just realized Diablo has made 25 years (a quarter of a century!) in January. I didn't see any... special release, events or a flurry of articles about it, and that surprises me: Diablo introduced and popularized in a way that created a new (and different) generation of internet users and enthusiasts - way beyond gamers and gaming.

@prologic @mckinley I suppose people can write in whatever format (html included), and it is up to the clients to decide how to interpret it... Goryon shows it as text!

@slashdot "stable"coin.

@hacker-news @ullarah Correct: CUDA remains closed source, so these new open source kernel modules remain useless if you want to use only free software. The good part of it is that it will "serve as a reference to help improve the Nouveau driver."

@prologic I see reasons for allowing absolute URIs, and see no reason not to.

I suppose I should condense this thread into a write-up proposing the change, explaining why, and proposing client behaviors ("how to deal with a prev pointing to an absolute URI"). But that takes time, and I don't know when will I reserve some to sit down and actually do the proposal :-)

@prologic I think so, yes. More generically, places were you have no control over the webserver (hosting services via ssh/ftp without htaccess support is another example).

@movq That would be a scenario, yes.

@slashdot Just one more (high profile) case.

Mandating a return to the office, instead of not letting workers decide what works best for them is, at the very least, shortsighted.

@kevin is it just me, or BBS access via telnet (port 23) isn't working?

@movq That's the scenario, yes. Importing twtxt feeds seems like a good functionality, but it doesn't totally replace (or exaust) the scenarios in which one could want to have their "prev, static twtxt file" on a different path/subdomain/etc...

@prologic It's a hint: it nudges my feed's followers "hey read this twtxt in another feed". We can probably find a better way to implement these hints or nudges, but if there's nothing in place, I wonder if we won't end up with a bunch of twtxts just saying "agree" or "+1"...

@prologic Apparently, nitter "Uses Twitter's unofficial API (no rate limits or developer account required)", so I suppose you could run your own instance and not depend on a 3rd party, or even just see on nitter's code (it's free software!) thev relevant parts of that 'unofficial API'...

@prologic Spoofing is always possible, and always a concern (don't we "deal" with it already for the url field?).

For the side-question, the feature is nice but depends on availability, and trust, I'm more interested in adversarial interoperability. What if I'm moving from a pod because I dislike their new policies, or new terms of service, their monetization model, etc.? And what guarantees do we have that every pod (or even yarn implementation) will have the redirect option available to its users?

@prologic ReTweet... Two common things I miss here from twitter: RTs and <3's.

@tkanos @prologic Awesome, looking forward to use it!

@prologic Nitter's RSS solves the issue! I'd probably advocate for replacing the current (not working) Twitter import option with it! Sure, you get dependent on a 3rd party, but it avoids all the "hypocrisy" questions! ;-)

@marado Now I just need to know what does the twtxt community do in lieu of RT...

@prologic @movq Imagine I want to stop updating my feed on my by starting a new feed at, but point to the previous one in its previous address, for history purposes.

Or maybe I want to stop using this pod because I think I like yours best, or I host my own now... so I want to continue there, pointing to this as my previous one.

@anx @prologic O-o, you are? That would be great, really. I have been pondering about replacing my locally hosted feed by this one by cron'ing a wget or something like that...

@prologic @mckinley awesome tip!

@prologic 😥 It might be worth doing it via twitter's API... but since I'm not volunteering to implement it, I'll just remain sad :-P

@prologic here's another question (sorry!), is something wrong going on with the feeds service? does not seem to be updated since January (but the source is...)

I'm uncertain I'm looking at the right place, but from how I read it, absolute URLs not only aren't mandated, they aren't even a possibility. I'll open a PR soon(TM)

Hey @prologic, allows only for a prev filename but not a full URL. Is there any reason why? Even for non-self-hosters, being able to point to a new domain would be good for interoperability, right?

[PT] Salvaguardas dos direitos dos cidadãos salvam artigo 17 (ex artigo 13) no Tribunal de Justiça da União Europeia. Estados-Membros obrigados a transpor salvaguardas:

@prologic DSA is Digital Services Act, the "legislation" /.'s article is all about.

According to some on twitter (see as an example), twitter share trading has halted, and the announcement of Musk buying Twitter is imminent.

I'm a little disappointed to not see more people talking about twtxt as an alternative to twitter…

@slashdot @adi Nice take, but it is wishful thinking… the tech literacy levels (ie, the user base) is quite distinct, people wouldn't flock away from twitter if Musk goes through with this…

@lyse @mckinley damn, now I'm sad that the way they do it doesn't really follow the twtxt format…

@prologic yes, functionally an yarnd with --single-user is all/exactly what I'm seeking.

Technically I'd then probably still want a port/clone of it into a lighter-weight, easilly hostable alternative (so you can file-drop into any tilde host, or even those FTP-only hostings…), but that's a bridge to cross when I get there…

@lyse @darch @fastidious @thecanine @prologic Seems to me that the sync is only useful if it allows a lot more editing (eventually even a complete rewrite). Which I am all for, but then the edit/deletion restriction on the UI becomes sort of an hassle, as someone more tech-savvy will be able to do things that less tech-savvy users will not…

@darch Great stuff, thanks! That does solve my "publishing" part of the equation, even if it still doesn't work as a client (either web or mobile)…

@prologic So, there is an API! This is offtopic for the thread (sorry) but can you link me to its documentation? I'm thinking about creating a single-user barebones "pod", compatible with the mobile app but that manages a single twtxt file.

Goryon - the twtxt mobile app - is making me think about hosting a yarn pod - just so I can use it while keeping my (real, self-hosted) twtxt "account". I wonder if there's an easy way to host a lightweight, single-user version of the endpoint… or if there's documentation about how to write one.

@prologic Cool! I haven't followed what has been going on in twtland for a while. Can you please share links to jenny and tt?