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Are Cassette tapes dead? (again)

31 de maio de 2021 — ~marado

Tired of reading people saying that one or another mature technology was dead, ten years ago I decided to act upon one of those claims (saying that cassette tapes were dead) and write a blog post, where, using the data available on Discogs, I made a graph showing the percentage of cassette releases related to all of the releases on that database.

That blog post had more success than I thought would have, with some people, once in a while, wondering how were things progressing (not only regarding the cassette tapes market on current days, but also the growth of discogs' database and its knowledge of past releases). I did update the graph a few times since the initial blog post, but today, to mark the 10th anniversary of the initial post, I decided to actually write a script that automatically generates such a graphic, and generate one of those graphs, once again.

And, guess what!, turns out cassette tapes aren't dead, or even dying.

graph showing the percentage of cassette tape releases

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