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MiniDebConf Portugal 2023

09 de fevereiro de 2023 — ~marado

a rooster of Barcelos surrounded by Debian's swirl: MiniDebConf Portugal's

I've been a Debian user for a long time, but I've always sought (and felt the lack of) some sort of impulse to be more involved with Debian. Part of it, I suppose, was the lack of someone 'closer' (not necessarily, but also physically close) following the same path, or pushing in the same direction... Anyway, once in a while I did find some opportunities to do something about it: in 2008 I helped organize Tecnonov 2008 where not only we had a Debian Developer talking about the project, we also had a key-signing party (and I got my now expired key signed by the DD in question). The year later, I went to Aveiro for Debian Day PT 2009, but... well, that was so long ago that the t-shirt I've got there has already been recycled!

It was thanks to Ubucon Europe 2019 in Sintra that I've learned for the first time that there was an ongoing attempt to being DebianDay to Portugal... and finally, in 2023, a "local test" is being organized, a MiniDebConf in Lisbon that will, hopefully, also serve as a step towards a future DebConf in Portugal.

I have to confess, the younger me of ten, or the even younger me of twenty years ago would be a lot more excited with this, but still, it is finally happening, so how could I not attend? So here I am: with time off taken from work, hotel room reserved, ready for a week of Debian (and more generically free software) along likeminded individuals. I've even decided to contribute more actively and give a talk and a workshop...

It starts already this sunday, and it lasts until thursday. See you there?

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